Healthnology Video

Discover what you will find in the Healthnology events with this video

The topics we have prepared for 2020, addressed from the perspective of innovation and efficiency, seek to bring closer the new technologies of the 4.0 revolution to build the hospital of the future that goes beyond physical space.

The contents of our congress is based on defining what will be the new role of the hospital of the future from 3 different points of view

  • Strategies, technologies and processes.
  • Change management.
  • Tools for Sustainability.

All topics from a technological and innovative perspective.

"We create the perfect ecosystem to, among all, seek excellence and create the hospital of the future".

With new spaces and a revolutionary format, we offer you the possibility of making a quality networking with the most relevant actors in national and international healthcare domain. Gauge the mood of the sector with the best benchmarking and find out at which point stands your organization.

An event for:

  • Board Members, Presidents and CEOs.
  • Managing Directors, Managers, Hospital and Clinical Managers.
  • Medical Directors.
  • CIOs and CMIOs.
  • Finance Directors.
  • Real Estate and Structure Managers.
  • Operations and Maintenance Managers.
  • Biomedical Engineering, Telemedicine and Biotechnology Managers.
  • Research and Development Managers.
  • Heads of General Services departments.
  • Consultants, Advisors, Architects and Engineers of Hospital infrastructures.