With innovative spaces and a revolutionary format, we offer the possibility of quality networking with the most relevant players in the field of national and international health. Take a pulse on the industry with the best benchmarking and find out where your organization is.

Healthnology events are made up of 70% end users and 30% sponsors, which will allow you to do quality networking and benchmarking.

An event aimed at:

  • Board members, Presidents and CEOs.
  • General Directors, Managers, Administrators of hospitals and clinics. CIOs and CMIOs.
  • Systems Directors.
  • Directors of buildings and structures.
  • Directors of operations and maintenance.
  • Directors of biomedical engineering, telemedicine and biotechnology.
  • Research and development directors.
  • Heads of general services.
  • Consultants, advisers, architects and engineers of hospital infrastructures.