Collaboration, innovation, R&D and prevention of communicable diseases will be the strategic lines that define the new health models in 2022. In line with these objectives, the new content that Healthnology is preparing for the next year's congresses.

  • The empowerment of the patient, which began a few years ago, will continue: the role of the patient in clinical research is consolidated. The goal will be precision medicine.
  • The pandemic has brought the internationalization of research and collaboration between countries and as a result, the coordination and execution of research and innovation in Health will be promoted.
  • Technology and digital solutions: The digital transformation will continue to incorporate new tools, many already put into practice during the health crisis. Telemedicine has evolved and created synergies with face-to-face medicine

And all this is included in an adequate global strategic plan adapted to the needs of the organization and sustained over time. At the same time, connectivity and data storage will be improved under strict security measures: data must be accessible safely, quickly and across borders.

"We create the perfect ecosystem to, together, seek excellence and create the hospital of the future".

An event for:

  • Board members, Presidents and CEOs.
  • General Directors, Managers, Hospital and Clinic Administrators.
  • Medical Directors
  • Administration Directos
  • CIOs y CMIOs.
  • Sistmes Directors.
  • Buildings and Structures Directors
  • Operations and Manteinance Directors
  • Directors of biomedical engineering, telemedicine and biotechnology.
  • Research and development directors. Heads of general services.
  • Consultants, advisers, architects and engineers of hospital infrastructures.

Strategies, technologies and precision medicine

Smaller and more technological hospitals.

Automation will allow better control of the patient. Robots, apps or wereables, etc.

The hospital of the future is closer than we ever imagined. With a clear role for telemedicine, patient care will improve the capacity of health professionals and personalized and precision medicine will be closer.

Find out what kind of hospital you want to aspire to.

Change management

Find out what the governance structures will look like in the new scenario of the hospital of the future: more agile and adaptable and, above all, more human.

Adapt your hospital to an ever-changing reality.

Security Tools

The hospital has to be more secure and be prepared to prevent possible cyber attacks.

It safeguards sensitive information and is a vulnerable ecosystem.

Greater investment and more updated software are some of the tools to avoid these attacks.